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The Official 2012 Tumblr Olympics


   A post circulated tumblr earlier with the olympic rings logo and the tumblr logo faded into the background. It was a cute idea and people seemed to like it but no one took it seriously… Still, after seeing the cute picture and reading some of the comments, the idea stuck. So now we give you The Official 2012 Tumblr Olympics.

   The Tumblr Olympics will be hosted on TmblrOlympics (Tumblr lacks a “u” because it wouldn’t let us use any version of the name that included “tumblr”). It is run by a number of wonderful bloggers that thought this idea deserved a chance. Currently we have six admins running the blog and fixing her up for the Games… though hopefully more staff will join as time passes. x x x x x x

   The idea is fairly new and this is still a work in progress - this is the first version of our rules and description being made so we may tweak some stuff as we further work on setting up the games. For anyone curious as to how we plan to run the Games, just read on. :)

So this is how it’s gonna go down~ (Dear lazies, scroll down to the bulletpoints for shortened version)

   Basically, each fandom will be like a country. The countries will have flags which will be voted upon by the fandom. Flag designs will be submitted to TumblrOlympics and voted on via a poll we are going to set up. We may not cover every fandom when we start organizing everything simply because we forgot, but if you send us a message before the games start, we’ll add your fandom to our list. We won’t discriminate against fandoms so don’t be shy. :) (That’s right, even twihards can join in.) Currently, we won’t be taking in any fandoms of bands/actors (sorry Hiddlestoners).

   Competitions will be held in fan works. Currently we’ve thought of the following activities, but more will be added as we brainstorm a bit harder: Making gifs, making gif sets, making photo sets, making fan art, making videos, writing fan fiction, giving a character analysis, photo manipulation, writing erotic fanfic ;), cosplays, role playing, drawing erotic fan art…., plot hole hunting (accept the plot holes and embrace them), make up explanations for the plot holes (use your imagination), gif challenges, memes, theme making, and crafts. We’re working on more ideas but this is what we have so far. 

   Now, there are three tiers to participating in the Tumblr Games. You can be Staff, Competitor, or Fan. The Staff are the admins, judges, announcers, organizers, and basically the hosts of the games. They will be members of TmblrOlympics. Not everyone can be Staff but if you’re interested send us a message and we’ll get to know you (yes, we have to get to know you first so we know you’re not just some troll that will start spamming penises everywhere or something.) Staff cannot compete in the Games. This is because the Staff may be asked to judge in competitions and competing might make them biased towards a fandom. Staff will judge unbiasedly - judging by quality, not personal preference. The Competitors will sign up by submitting entry forms to TmblrOlympics. The entry forms will state their name, username, fandom, and some other questions we’ll put. (We will have the forms up on the blog soon so you can just copy/paste and then fill in the form.) You can participate in more than one event but we’ll want to know which events you want to participate in so we know how many submissions to expect. Multifandom bloggers can join but they have to choose one fandom to compete with. Sorry but we can’t have y’all flip flopping all over the place. Fans are just the part of the fandom that prefers to spectate and give moral support. The Fans will vote at polls and do what we do best, reblog. ;) Maybe Fans could also send some nice messages to the competitors to boost their spirits…?

   The competition will start with the fandom competing against itself so that we can get the top fan work from each fandom into the Games against other fandoms. The top three from each fandom will go against each other and then three winners will be chosen. Everyone else will get You Tried Stars. Polls will be held to choose winners. However this will only work for in-fandom competitions. This is due to some fandoms being larger than others which would mean they’d win solely from numbers and not pure quality. We will hold polls for the competitions where fandoms face off against each other, and, taking the results into consideration, staff members will unbiasedly judge the fan work. 

   We will have an Opening Ceremony when the Games begin.  … we haven’t decided when that is yet, but the ceremony will be a video and we will introduce the fandoms with a post showing each flag. We’ll be setting up guidelines, submission forms, rules, about pages, a contester page, and other useful links on TmblrOlympics so make sure to check. Any ideas will be appreciated and taken into consideration - just let us know what y’all think! Please be patient with us while we try to set all this up, it’s a lot of work and we can’t be on 24/7. Currently we don’t have much staff but maybe if that changes we’ll start getting this ready more quickly. The official Tumblr Olympic Ring Logo is the five rings all colors in tumblr blue. We have a picture above with a transparent background. The tumblr blue color code is: 41627c …. for anyone wondering. Below is a summarization of all we just covered. Look over it if you want a reminder of all the important details.

  • Each fandom is a country.
  • Multifandom bloggers can compete but you can only compete for ONE fandom.
  • ^ You can’t switch fandoms after choosing to compete for one.
  • Competitions will be in fanworks and the like. (e.g. gif making, photo sets, fan art, etc.)
  • There will be polls so the fandom can choose winners.
  • There will also be assigned judges so that just because X fandom has 312543753499 fans and Y fandom only has 5, X fandom won’t win every round.
  • There are three tiers of participation: Staff, Competitor, and Fan.
  • Staff is the Admins, Judges, Hosts, etc.
  • The Competitors will be the ones entering the Games to create gifs and other fan works.
  • The Fans are basically the moral support and the voters in the polls we will be holding.
  • We’ll have fandom flags, an Opening Ceremony, and a page with the names/urls of the competitors.
  • We will be setting up submission guidelines for the Games and entry applications for competitors to join on TmblrOlympics… soon. So just keep checking.
  • If you didn’t read the long version and skipped to the bulletpoints but this sounds like something that may interest you, go up and read, check out the blog, and give this post a Like/Reblog. :)
  • … Tumblr Blue color code = 41627c fyi

Please Like/Reblog this if you’d be interested (even as just a fan!!) so we can see how many people would participate (and yes, being a fan is still counted as participating <3). Feel free to message Angi, Amanda, Liz, or Ashley if you have anymore questions on this that aren’t answered on the blog yet (be patient with us please - keep in mind we’re still new and this is literally the first official Tumblr Olympics post!).

<3 xx,

    ~The Official 2012 Tumblr Olympics Staff